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Professionalization and Social Impact of European Political Science (PROSEPS)

The PROSEPS Cost Action 15207 started on 1th November 2016 and will end on 31th October 2020. At the moment, 36 European Countries are committed to pursue the expected goal. PROSEPS aims to build a broad network of scholars studying internationalization and social impact of political science. The innovative nature of the project lies in its multidimensional focus: moving from the key concepts of Professionalization and Social Impact developed by the network it will discuss data and interpretations of the recent transformation of our discipline.

PROSEPS is conducting a multilingual survey addressed to the whole population of the European political scientists.The survey is intended to detect the social visibility of political scientists in their country, their role as policy advisors and their level of internationalization. The survey is conducted using the web survey infrastructure of the School of Political Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.